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"Brazilian people, players, coaches and fans, this is a very tough moment. It’s hard to express my thoughts in words. I want to tell you that I’ll be back on the field as soon as possible. I would like to thank you for your support and affection expressed through the messages that have been sent to me. My dream is not over yet, it was interrupted due to a move but it is still alive. I am sure my team mates will make sure I can achieve my dream which is to be champion. Another dream of mine was to play on a World Cup final but I won’t be able to do it now. Although I’m sure that my team mates will win and be champions along with me and we Brazilian people will be celebrating this achievement. Thank you all."

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When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about
— Haruki Murakami (via allietee017)

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ESPN World Cup Posters.

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We were never in love                     but oh, God.We could have been.


We were never in love
                    but oh, God.
We could have been.